Meet the Artists

We are thinkers, writers, scientists, artists, and craftsfolk sharing who we are and the output of our off-the clock labors of love, life and creativity.

Beverly Ramsey

Growing up in southern Appalachia, I had the blessings of being inspired by both an Eastern Cherokee Grandmother and German immigrant grandfather — both had a keen and differing sense of art, beauty and the human experience.

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Laura Hofman

My mother sewed up a storm while her children were young. She would make beautiful dresses and coats that would be passed down from daughter to daughter. She gave me the inspiration and then led me to the capable hands of 4-H leaders where I learned the basics.

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Robert Ramsey

My father taught me to be resourceful and adapt whatever is available or to invent what is needed to fix a problem or create a tool or product.  I am, as a result, a person of many interests and ability to meld an artist flair with technological skills I developed over half a century in engineering sciences and physics.

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