Beverly Ausmus Ramsey

Growing up in southern Appalachia, I had the blessings of being inspired by both an Eastern Cherokee Grandmother and German immigrant grandfather — both had a keen and differing sense of art, beauty and the human experience.

My first love is nature – the blue fog of the Smokies, the soulful songbirds, the powerful raptors whose clan is mine, the stately sacred tulip poplar — my journaling, poetry and pen & inks come from those early years.

Juxtaposed to my indigenously traditional training Was a formal educational path that started in Biology/Chemistry BS and moved through MS & PhD in Ecology/Ecosystems Analysis — that led to nature photography, essays & photo-collage.

I have spent more than 40 years in all aspects of environmental health sciences & now am assuring transition to others, teaching, training, sharing.

I have begun — photo-journaling Kauai, the central Florida swamps, New Mexico’s Black Mesa & the rugged Valle Vidal, the archaic ruins of Bandelier and Puye… And the first book: Journeys of a Two-World Walker is ready for publication.