Robert Ramsey

My father taught me to be resourceful and adapt whatever is available or to invent what is needed to fix a problem or create a tool or product.  I am, as a result, a person of many interests and ability to meld an artist flair with technological skills I developed over half a century in engineering sciences and physics.

I love the arts, especially classical music, and have spent many hours not only in music appreciation but glass audio (my father was a sound engineer) and playing tuba in British style brass band. I love architecture and have designed homes and expansions that I built or served as the general contractor manager to have build.

So, my first contribution to Eclectic-TaLa is my Standing Garden™ (patent pending). I developed the standing garden 25 years ago when I was temporarily living in a retirement village. Many people who had moved to the new development. First problem noted, attempting to kneel or get on knees to dig around the front stoop. Second, there was gravel and debris wastes in the soils, not good to support flowers or other plants.

To fast forward, I created the Standing Garden. A neighbor suggested I make 20 and see what they would cost to build; the development manager let me use an unfinished unit to set up my tools from my storage unit.  I built the tools and jigs for the Standing Garden, sold them to individuals in the community. Kept 3 for myself and moved to a house not long after.

My wife keeps nagging me to make these available  as kits.  Our 3 are 25 years old, and aside from slight weathering, are perfect and in use right now.  My wife has planted a variety of flowers for these on our front porch, and on our deck, a large one has been used for asparagus, herbs and other vegetables and edibles.

So, OK.  They are now available.  Save your knees, enjoy planting and harvesting.