About our shop

We are a collective of individuals (scientists, engineers, multimedia artists and illustrators,
custom clothing/textile artists, musicians, photographers, writers) who love weaving our skills
into arts and crafts. We seek to share these, to communicate the beauty & complexity of our
world by our words, music, arts & crafts.

We are a non-profit organization, a public charity offering services in support of arts, culture
and the humanities (NTEE categorized A99, 501(c)3 corporation, based in Maryland). We have
no employees, we are retirees, and freelance artists and crafts persons. Out artists and crafts
persons reside in Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and Nevada.

Many of the items we have shared on the website are for sale either by download or shipped as
finished, signed originals. The prices listed almost totally go to the artists, we retain
approximately 1-3% in Eclectic-TaLa to maintain the website and pay our business fees. Keep in mind these are donations. We will send you a receipt showing the commercial value of a mass produced similar product to the original you order, for your donation (tax) files.

As we gain experience in this new community, we expect to apply for grants to provide support
for our artists and others interested in collaboration with them or with lessons or travel for
art/craft purposes.

Since we are a charity, your purchases are partially tax deductible.  Since the arts and crafts we are making available are unique, custom, it is somewhat hard to establish the deductible amount.  However, to the degree we can offer you information regarding the comparable value of a mass produced similar item (for example, a decorative pillow, or a woman’s scarf), we will provide that to you as as one basis for your deduction calculations for tax purposes.