Tapestry pillow


Hand-made 16 ” x 16 ” pillow in a variety of prints. Can be ordered with a matching tapestry canvas (sold separately). Scroll down to see patterns.

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Tapestry patterns:

Southwest Arrowpoint (closeup)

Southwest Arrowpoint

Butterfly Page

Butterfly Adult

Birds and Birch

Bird Swirl

Bird Mountain Mushroom

Octopus Plant

Wings Negative

Wings Negative – Closeup

Wings Negative – Closeup


Orange and Blue Fish

Plant Mandala

Of Wings and Bugs

Of Wings and Bugs Negative

Maryland Crab Adult

Maryland Crab Adult Negative


Lobster Negative

Floral Bighorn Sheep

Floral Side Bunny

Floral Side Bunny Negative

Floral Bunny

Floral Bear and Cub

Fierce Eagle Heads Negative

Faces of a Bear

Faces of a Bear Negative

Dragonfly Negative

Dragonfly and Berries Negative

Dragonfly and Berries

Floral Donkey

Coyote Song Negative

Coyote Song

Color Pony Negative

Blue Sea Horse

Blue Purple Flower Negative

Blue on Blue Mandala

Birds on Branch Negative

Bird Watching Autumn

Bird Watching Autumn Negative

Bird Shrub Negative

Bird on Ram Nose Negative

Bird in Flight

Bird in Flight Negative

Bird in Flight Color Negative

Bird in Blanket

Bird in Blanket Negative

Bird in Flight Color

Bears Reflection Negative

Bear Head

Bear Head Negative